She will shake up his life... and maybe yours

When unworldly Leopold hears that his father will soon die,
he has to leave his safe life and go on a road trip to Lourdes, to ask for a miracle.

When he meets Lola, everything becomes even more complicated.



Runtime: +/- 1 hour   –   Language: French    –   Subtitles: Nederlands


Bonnie&Clyde Copycats

She will shake up his life... and maybe yours

An ordinary couple tries to escape their boring reality by imagining they are Bonnie & Clyde.
When they accidentally witness a murder their fantasy becomes real.

In order not to be killed by a ruthless gangster and his gang, they present themselves as fellow criminals.
They get entangled in a mob war and have to rob a bank.



Runtime: +/- 1 hour   –   Language: English    –   Subtitles: Nederlands


The Flight of the Humble Bee

An animated short film created by Gustavo&Bo Catilina

Selected for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival and the Red Dirt filmfestival!

The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF) is to inform, engage and empower audiences about the need to protect biodiversity which is critical to the survival of our planet. We do so by applying multiple uses of media platforms.


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Bo and Gustavo Catilina joined forces to combine all their arts in music, film and theater. After making several short films and two feature films they decided to focus on their band: BogusCat. You can book them here.

Their backgrounds are: musicians, singers, composers, graphical artist, dancer, Master in dramatical arts and landscape architect.

One day they decided to quit everything and start traveling. The U.S.A., Canada and Mexico. France, Spain and Morocco. All the countries between Belize and Panama. Taking in impressions of other worlds, of broadening their horizon and mind. With a lot of input, the time had come to put it out.

After directing two short films, “Chased” and “Sunday Stroll”, they started writing two screenplays for feature films. “Direction Lourdes”, a French road movie and

“Bonnie&Clyde Copycats”, an English spoken action film.

While writing they animated their first animation short film:

“The Flight of the Humble Bee” that premiered in the ‘Wildlife Conservation Film Festival’ in New York and inspired many people. It also was selected for the Red Dirt film festival in Oklahoma and the Life After Oil international film festival in Sardinia, Italy.

Direction Lourdes has been filmed in and around Bruges, Belgium, and across France.
Bonnie&Clyde Copycats has been shot more or less at the same time, in and around Bruges, Belgium.

The post production of both films has been done near Carcassonne and Poitiers, France.

Bo & Gustavo Catilina in Cannes

Bo & Gustavo Catilina in Cannes

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